The Cross

In short, 5TCF is a collection of people who are followers of Jesus. Our interpretation of the bible (our ‘doctrinal basis’) is mainstream evangelical and charismatic, which basically means that we believe that the bible is inspired by God and can be relied upon as the handbook for life and that God continues to be present with us through his Holy Spirit, breathing life into the Christian community. 5TCF is not part of any denomination, though we gladly embrace those of any denomination who genuinely love and serve Christ.

The pattern for life that Jesus set out works. Basically, that is what 5TCF exists to demonstrate. Church is not where we go; church is what we are. At 5TCF we view our life together as a 24/7 affair, not just turning up for the Sunday morning meeting. Having said that, we do give priority to Sunday mornings as the main chance for most people to get together for worship, teaching of the Scriptures and fellowship over a cup of tea or coffee.

In addition, smaller groups (we call them Neighbourhood Churches) meet in members’ homes during the week. Those groups largely determine their own program. Typically when they meet they might pray together and encourage one another, study the Bible or maybe go out together somewhere. Their main function is to encourage mutual care and support and to develop real, personal friendships that enrich our members’ lives.

The pattern for life that Jesus set out works.

Then a host of more specialised activities cater for particular interests and needs. We have an active youth program called Neon and activities for younger kids. Older folks gravitate to the GEMS group for light exercise plus meals together and fun times. Others reach out to local drug addicts through the Teen Challenge work, offer help with money management or provide free gardening services to the elderly.

We have strong links with the local junior and infants school and regularly welcome its staff and pupils for special events, particularly at Christmas and Easter. In-depth Bible study is on offer through the Fit For Purpose programme. We run a nursery and toddler group called Busybodies, a community football program with youngsters from the neighbourhood where the church premises are located. Amongst our community is a male voice choir, and we put on an annual Community Fun Day for local people. And much more…

Five Towns Christian Fellowship is incorporated in England & Wales (company registration 08403880). Registered Office: Beancroft Street, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 5RR.