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Paul's revolutionary message

21st August, 2022
Chris Weathers

Chris Weathers

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Craft Kitchen

Beancroft Street
Friday, 26th August, 2022

Craft Kitchen is back this summer holiday! If you want to join in with the fun craft activities and...

Our Sundays

Our Sundays start at 10:00 am.

If you have children please register them with our kid's team on the way in. They'll be next to the 5TCF Kids banners. The kids will go to their classes during the talk – which usually lasts 35–55 minutes.

After a short welcome, we have a time of sung praise and worship led by a band. The songs are a blend of modern and traditional and give us a chance to corporately respond to what God has done for us.

Towards the end of the singing, we take up an offering and collect food for the local food bank – usually by bringing the items and money to the front. There is no obligation to join in – and if you’d prefer to give other ways (such as direct debit) please speak to one of the team.

COVID Regulations:

As you will have probably seen the legal requirement to wear face masks has been lifted however if you feel more comfortable wearing one then feel free to continue to do so.

Covid passports will not be used for entry into places of worship.

During the week

We have a number of formal and informal gatherings from ladies bible study to men's football. More information on these can be found on our community page.

We also have our Neighbourhood Churches which are groups that meet regularly in various locations to support and encourage one another. Contact us for more info.

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